The story:
In the near future, scientific research will prove the existence of an afterlife for only a small fraction of the population. In this world, people are classified as Ascendants – those who should be protected and revered – and Biomasses – the underclass who will rot in the ground. In 2060 AD, a mother fights to keep her family safe when her young daughter becomes the target of the powerful Jacobs Institute. Her family’s wellbeing rests in the hands of Sam Bell –
a schoolteacher on the edge of insanity after his wife ascends. Sam must make a choice: Cling to his faith and commit suicide to reunite with his wife, or help the Sheridan family expose the truth about ascension.
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Background: Since 2009, we have developed and written the 2 hour backdoor pilot script called Ascendants.  We are in the early stages of garnering interest in the script – and to help that effort – as well as to explore the unique and rich history of this future world, we have produced a series of short films. These shorts and webisodes lay the foundation for the feature film/pilot both in style and substance and will be dramatically quicker to produce. In December 2012, we started a kickstarter campaign to produce our first short based in this world. Set 15 years before the feature and just two days after the shocking announcement that only a few will ascend, this short – called “Family,” follows an Ascendant woman who loses her mind deciding between leaving to be with her kind and staying with her Biomass wife and infant child.samandalexandra-15percent-wm
By the time the campaign ended, we secured nearly twice the amount of our goal. Shooting took place in January and February of 2013 with a large volunteer crew. The second short film in the anthology – “Ascendants: Raven” – was completed in February, 2015, and the third, “Ascendants: Day’s End,” in July, 2015. The fourth installment, “Ascendants: Serein,” was awarded a production grant by the town of Dover, VT thanks to the Independent Television and Film Festival.bunker-15percent-wm
Though encased in a science fiction shell, both the proposed pilot/feature and the short films take a unique look at the religious extremism that too often dominates our culture and politics. This is a concept that, from the start, has gained a large fan base.Viewers-with-sebastian-15percent-wm


Conceptual Artwork created by Omri Koresh
Voiceover: Johnny Lee Davenport

All Footage and Artwork is ©2015 Charles River Media Group, LLC and Pizza Baby Films, Inc.

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